AiChatGPT Today
7 months ago
TikTok Launches Project Clover To Allay China Security Fears 🌐
The European Commission has banned the ByteDance-owned app from staff devices.
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#tiktok #EuropeanUnion #USA #tiktokdown
Ameer Abbas
2 yr. ago
Banned TLP actively taking part in cantonment board polls. Nearly five months after being banned by the government, TLP has surprised many by fielding 84 candidates in 17 of the 41 cantonments.
کیا خاموشی سے مُک مکا ہو گیا ہے؟ کیا ایسے بنے گا نیا پاکستان؟
Trendter News
1 yr. ago
Clashes in Pakistan as defiant Imran Khan begins march to capital.
Police fire tear gas and baton-charge Khan’s supporters to block them from reaching Islamabad for a protest rally already banned by the government.

#LongMarch #PakistanUnderFascism
DazzBuzz Official
1 yr. ago
Recommendation for a complete ban on the sale of tobacco products in the UK▶

#ENGLAND #tobacco #BANNED #tobaccoBan #UK #smoking #BanOnTobacco

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