Ugly and Traveling @uglyandtraveling
02 December, 08:58
If Venice, Italy is in your bucket list, visit soon before it vanishes! 😟
The city of Venice was once a major power in the world, but now it’s slowly sinking into the waves and will soon be gone forever.

If you’re planning to visit Venice, Italy before it vanishes then you better hurry – because there’s not much time left. Read more at https://www.uglyandtraveli...

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Ugly and Traveling @uglyandtraveling
21 October, 07:01
Europe is a continent that is full of diverse cultures and amazing sights. It’s a place where you can find everything from snow-capped mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. Check these 7 Places to Visit in Europe for Summer Vacation at

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DazzBuzz Official @DazzBuzz
14 April, 01:01
People of Pakistan around the world are demanding immediate free and fair new elections.


Hashtag trending top in Pakistan as well as Gulf, Canada, and European countries.

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